July 18, 2018

What’s your Normal?

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What’s your normal?

Is “normal” doing the same thing this year as you did last year apart from a few variances in the weather.

Have you lay in bed thinking about your normal existence on your normal farm and thought; there is something wrong with normal.

Merriam Webster Dictionary:
Normal; conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern

Are you really happy being a conformer.?

Conforming is boring because you end up talking to other conformers about conforming!

What about exciting!

Our aim in agriculture is to facilitate the production of food products so damn good there’s a queue of buyers down the road longer than ticket sales to a U2 concert.

Sound outrageous?  Well Why Not?

I’ve done a bit of traveling and I’ve had the privilege of seeing how farmers do things in different parts of the world and I can tell you there is normal everywhere but occasionally you see someone and something that has created that demand in the market and there are a queue of buyers.

One example is Salt Marsh Lamb in the UK. The lambs have to graze the tidal salt marsh for a certain period of time before it meets the requirements and can be marketed as Salt Marsh Lamb. The limitation is that there is only so much salt marsh to go around, but the demand never leaves.

The reason Salt Marsh Lamb is so popular is its colour, flavor and texture. The only reason this comes about is from diet.

Now if you haven’t got a Salt Marsh and you want to change their diet you need to change the soil. The plants will change and so will the product.

I know! I spent twenty years changing the soil and observing what those changes did to the product and I know something. I can’t eat normal products anymore.

The world is looking for extraordinary and it’s time to be extraordinary because that’s the only way forward.
Produce something that will be demanded and produce it in an environmentally safe way.


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