July 18, 2018

A major concern regarding the environment?

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Nutrient leaching! A major concern regarding the environment?

Maybe even a bigger concern to your Bank Balance!

Why do we bother purchasing anything when it’s going to go down the drain?

Organic Nitrogen is held in Humus in our soils! For every 1% lift in soil humus per hectare there is another 1000kg of held Nitrogen. Known Fact!

The biggest part of Humus is Carbon at 50%! Carbon is one of the most useful products for filtering anything!

Just consider that if you build your humus levels, you will increase carbon, available nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur.

Now we hear all the time of what fertilisers we need to put on to grow grass, maybe we should look at this just a little bit differently!

Why don’t we get educated and work out how to build the organic fraction of the soil.

It is well proven that production of humus increases the nitrogen supply and readies sulphur and phosphorus for the plants to use. Your N, P and S all being held by carbon, the biggest filter you can imagine. No leaching here!

To clarify; nitrogen is not just sequestered through legumes. Everytime there is biological breakdown, whether it is dung, plant material or cyanobacteria nitrogen is always part of the equation.

Most of this happens during the cooler times of the year due to the moist soil conditions and you can actually track this by taking available nitrogen tests at around $50 each. If everything is going well the soil available nitrogen levels will rise until bang it’s springtime and it is ready for use.

If the total N levels get to 20 ppm you have enough to grow a full maize crop without any extra applications. 20 ppm is more than enough for pasture production so by allowing this function to work effectively removes nitrogen as a limiting factor and none will need to be applied.

And you won’t be pouring money down the drain. Healthy waterways too!

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