July 18, 2018

What is your Upload Speed

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Most people would equate Upload Speed to computing power versus their internet connection.

But what is your upload speed?

I mean what is the speed that you can assimilate new information!

And Then put it into practice!

In the recent past Rural internet upload speeds were appalling because our connections were based on copper wire with all sorts of interference, quite often from our own electric fence!

Farmers are facing incredible challenges from all angles as a consequence of the standard farming model.

Under that model you can work harder and spend more money to try and comply with all the regulations, but what can you do if something happens that is out of your control; such as a notifiable disease outbreak.

The concept of getting the soil to work for you is the most important achievement I have ever made on the farm.
When it does really work for you there are considerable changes for the better.

From the results seen in our trials on available soil silica, we made some changes to what we applied as our soil amendments.

There have been more benefits than what we originally thought would happen.

We’ve got the same number of stock on that we normally carry, but, 8 weeks into this winter we have not fed out any hay and looking ahead it may be another three weeks before we may start feed to one of the three mobs.

We have a lot more grass, more diversity and the post grazing regrowth is better than we have ever seen at this time of year.

The free choice mineral Lick Vitus that we have been feeding for years is hardly being touched where as we used to go through over a bag a day.

And the stock are in better condition, especially the yearlings that have not been vaccinated or drenched.

So, instead of having to use feeding out machinery every day we just go for a quiet walk round the farm and move the stock. No mess; no cost and we have way more time for ourselves.

If we look at figures on what we are saving on a daily basis
$120 for hay
$125 tractor time
$40 Mineral Lick
= $285 day x 7= $1995 a week x 12 weeks = potentially $23,940 saved over the winter.

That’s not taking into account track maintenance or production increase and extra available time for ourselves.

We are already past what it cost to purchase transport and apply all the soil amendments for the year by $8000.00

So your upload speed is important if you want to keep ahead of the game..

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