July 18, 2018

We could do with a bit of Sun!

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I’d like a dollar for every time a farmer told me that we could do with a bit of sun!

If we really think about this our whole existence is dependant on the sun.

Yet most farmers have little idea of how widespread the impact is of that bright light that comes up each morning.

Dad’s house is completely off the grid with the main energy supply produced by solar panels.

His knowledge of operating the solar panels is extensive to say the least.

The 12 panels are secured to a frame that moves throughout the day to maximise exposure to direct sunshine.

This improves the electricity generating efficiency by about 20% over having static panels.

If you take note of the rate of charging at differing times of the year and during different weather conditions there are significant variations.

For instance, in the winter the charge is always higher when the sun comes out during showery weather than on big bright frosty days. This is due to the clarity of the atmosphere after rain.

When you are off the grid this information is very useful for planning the daily washing, vacuuming etc.

Have we ever considered that the Sun creates the same reaction in the soil as it does in a solar panel?

Basic solar panels are made up of Silicon, Phosphorus and Boron which are also all imperative components of a healthy soil.

When the sun reacts with these components, heat, light and electricity are created.

I use a white sandy beach as an example. The glare from the sun’s reaction with silica sand makes us put on sunglasses. The heat makes us put on footwear and the electricity / electrolysis disolves the shells back into the ocean. Have you noticed how large amounts of shells accumulate on a rocky shore but there are very few on a white sand beach?

All that solar energy can be utilised in the productive capacity of our soils.

The heat to keep soil temperatures up in the cooler months.

The Light which comes up from the ground to ripen fruit on vines, trees etc

The electricity to carry nutrients into the pasture, crops, vines, trees etc.
So when you think you could do with a little more sun maybe you could think about getting the soil solar panel below your feet working as well. After all farming is about converting sunlight to food to money!

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