July 18, 2018

Spring: A time of renewal

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So the season has come to an end and we are into winter and more auspiciously heading for Spring; a time of renewal.

Last season was a right bugger!

It was so wet and then we got to November and it got so dry so quickly.

Has this climate change stuff got some real wheels?

Really! Or Is that just something we hang our hats on when the farm is not going too well and is it a really good excuse that makes us feel better about our lost opportunities.

So what it comes down to is how are we feeling? Ask yourself;

How are you feeling about what you do?

How are you feeling about the land you are on?

How do you think the season went?

How are you feeling about your financial situation?

Now ask yourself:

Are you happy with your answers?

Biological processes will always continue in spite of the weather and in spite of and because of your best efforts. Calves and lambs arrive; kiwi fruit and grapes flower and sometimes all we can do is try to keep up!

The biggest problem is that we keep getting in the way of real progress because we don’t actually ask some very simple questions of ourselves, our partners and our families.

Generally we are so busy keeping our heads above “water” that we don’t give ourselves time to ask the difficult questions of ourselves and use our God given instinct, our intuition and our powers of observation to experiment, observe, make changes and again observe.

Well guess what? Nothing changes and I really mean nothing changes until you change!

Last November we identified a major Silica deficiency in the land and the stock and we did something about it.

Result: The best crop of calves on this property in the fifteen years its been in the family. And that’s in spite of climate change; Ha Ha

Spring is not that far away and it is time to do something that will reward you with healthy, productive calves, lambs, crops and vines and will reward you financially.
Rediscover the power of your instinct, your intuition and your powers of observation and then use them to test my accumulation of a lifetime of observations, trials and education to figure out how to grow food from the soil.
If you really want to make changes take some time to get educated.

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