July 18, 2018

What would the neighbours think?

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What will the neighbours think?

We don’t have to watch the programme Neighbours to understand that almost everyone, usually subconsciously, modifies their behavior depending on what they believe their neighbours might think.

The biggest problem is actually ourselves, because we are inventing stories that hold back our own progression.

Sometimes we don’t even believe what we see right in front of us if it’s too big a challenge to our thinking.

We were at a field day at my Brothers Farm in Rotherham before he moved up to Blenheim.
What was happening on that farm was impressive. Even I had some serious questions going on in my head about how could this possibly be?

Dad sidled up to a chap there and said, “What do you think?” “Well if you can believe even 10% of what I can see it’s pretty damn impressive”, he said.

And that summed it up to a tee. When confronted with new concepts and evidence we actually don’t stop to evaluate whether it is of real value. It challenges our thinking too much.

In today’s world, farming really is no different to any other industry regarding utilising technology to receive information coming our way.

Just look at how we are passing on information here, and more than likely this has come to you via a smartphone etc.

I have been incredibly surprised when running into old neighbours and people who had visited our farm, about what they really thought.

In nearly every case they were amazed at what we did and they wished they had got on and done it for themselves.

So don’t go making assumptions on what the neighbours might be thinking and DON”T incorporate that into your decision making process because unless we ask and get a genuine answer we are only making up stories.

The truth is we are our own biggest stumbling blocks when we seek validation from others to stay in a comfortable headspace. That will never change anything.

If you’re ready for the challenge, make a free call to Ewan “challenge my thinking” Campbell.

PS Get educated and help yourself and maybe help your neighbour too!

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