July 18, 2018

Magic Bullets

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How many times has someone shown up with the “magic bullet”?  That product that’s going to solve all your problems.

How many times did such a product fail to do as claimed? Maybe it just wasn’t the right time to use it! Why didn’t I know it wouldn’t work?

One thing that really has brought my attention to a lot of the problems agriculturists face, is that there is a lack of basic information that could be used to test the claims of the product seller..

In the past I’ve tried to be all things to all people and I have found that it cannot be done; especially in farming where decisions have to be made promptly.

What I need to do is to work for my clients the way I work for myself.

If I need to know something I go and find out! Being that I like to know a lot of stuff, I’ve found out a lot of stuff.

When I’m out with a client, I’ll be explaining something and then I get this blank look and, oops! Information overload!

Being there for them in person every time they require the information is just not going to work.

So the only way forward is to build a program where the majority of problems / issues have been dealt with already.

The client will have constant access to the information and can get access to answer those tricky questions and, at the same time have a forum for new ideas.

There are No Magic Bullets by themselves, but when you fill the magazine with information bullets, load the gun and fire it can be quite surprising what issues can be brought to their knees in no time at all. The sales people are not equipped with “bullet proof” vests!

It’s education and timing that create the Magic Bullet and only you are in charge of that!

Create Your Own Magic Bullets.

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