July 18, 2018

Observe and ask yourself; what caused that?

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When I observe things going on on the farm I ask “what caused that”?

How many times have you been in the situation where you see good stuff or maybe really bad stuff and wonder “What caused that”?  The first step is to take the time to observe. Hmmmm; something’s happened here but it’s not happening over there!

Just the other day I was caught fobbing off a question about a biological weed spray we’ve been working on which hadn’t had the intended results.

It’s easy to fob things off but really it’s best to find out or even at least try and find out, what’s going on. You really never know where the answers will lead.

Many years ago after heavy rain I noticed that our meal lick containers (fish bin) had filled with rain water and on the bottom of the bins there were tiny lines of kelp meal lined up 27mm apart running exactly magnetic east west.

On that occasion I really asked “What caused that?

That particular observation changed my life!

What came from that single observation was the discovery of the soil electrical matrix and after a lot more “What Caused That?” questions, I now allow myself the credit that actually I found out “What Caused That” and know how to apply it.

The challenge to ourselves is, are we ready to take the authority back on our land, and if we are, we better get used to asking “What Caused That?”

Because if we don’t, we will never be in that situation to be the authority on the Land we occupy!

Are you ready to ask “What Caused That?” and be that authority?

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