July 18, 2018

Genetic Modification: Part 1: Genetics

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Richard Olree, an American Chiropractor studied genetics.  Because he was dealing with the consequences of genetics every day his studies were from a practical point of view..

The spine represents the complete DNA sequence and Richard correlated that information from medical research compiled on PubMed.

With the work of the Great Scientist Walter Russell, Olree was able to match the spinal column and associated discs to particular subatomic particles and minerals as they are expressed in the DNA. So our spine is just an enormous replica of DNA.

In his book ‘Minerals for the Genetic Code’ published by Acres USA; Olree connects the associated proteins, time of regeneration and symptomology of deficiencies.

If you get a Spinal Chart from Gray’s Anatomy you’ll see a similar symptomology which they refer to as misalignment.

Before we even want to modify anything aren’t we better off to get the original thing working properly to start with?

In really simple terms we need to bring the ocean back to the land as this is the place where all of these subatomic particles and minerals abound. It’s not surprising that we had excellent results from Super Phosphate in the past when the phosphate rock came from Nauru Island This was because it all came from the Sea.

The application rate of that early super did not have to be enormous.  Some of the best results were achieved at applications of one hundred weight to the acre: In today’s terms 125kgs a hectare and in reality you need even less than that.

So if you want to do your own genetic repudiation, get educated on how to complete the genetic sequence on your own farm and make the projected 2 to 5% production increase claimed proponents of genetic modification look positively sick.

Let the biology of the soil do it and a whole lot more for you.

To be continued Cyanobacteria !

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