July 18, 2018

Genetic Modification: Part 4: The food chain

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With Cyanobacteria being the most productive organism on the planet and the start of the food chain, as part of that food chain you would think you’d need a piece of that action.

These Cyanobacteria are the beginning of all life so you could say they are reasonably important!

To get them to fire they need some magnesium handy so they can start the photosynthesis process.

Remember there can be NO ag-chemicals anywhere near what you are trying to achieve or its all over before you get started.

Then if you really want to make them fire you require electromagnetic energy. What?

Well if you follow what happens in the Ocean these guys go absolutely nuts in the cold oceans around the Poles in the Spring.

If it wasn’t for them there would be no Krill, no Penguins, no Sea Lions, No Wales and no Oxygen and way more Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

The issue is that as we come to the Spring Equinox in our farming programme and when the grass and crops really start to kick off this is when we have the highest electrical flow in our soils and the highest corresponding electromagnetic force.

Yes! Soil biology reacts to electrical current and magnetic force!

The closer you get to the poles the greater the electromagnetic energy.

Look at it in farming terms in New Zealand. How can farmers in Southland out produce farmers in the Waikato.

The climate is damn freezing down there and the season is shorter.

It’s Simple. There is approximately 30% more electromagnetic energy in the soil in Southland than there is in Waikato. If you correspond this to work I’ve done in Britain which is closer to the North pole than Southland is to the South Pole it doubles again.

Soil and air temperature has a lot lesser influence on production than Chemistry, Biology and Physics( electromagnetic energy).

Get them lined up and see what happens.

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