July 18, 2018

Genetic Modification: Part 3: The beginning of all life.

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Cyanobacteria can be called “the beginning of all life.”

The cool thing about them is that they are a complete singular cell with Full Nutrition.

They have a DNA sequence with all the subatomic particles and minerals to complete the sequence in it’s perfection.

They contain the twelve Essential Tissue Salts that all life requires for the building of complete and healthy Cells.

Is there any real surprise in that because sea water has the same mineral composition as our blood.

As it circulates through our bodies it gives life by building, repairing, giving energy, giving us our nutrition and removing waste. Really what more could you want?

So, why aren’t these little cyanobacteria dynamos in our soil creating and regenerating and supplying all those minerals and salts to whatever we grow and ultimately to ourselves?

Well they could be and they used to be but there is one BIG THING we have to do, and it APPEARS to be the hardest thing as farmers to do.

WE have to stop what we are doing at present BECAUSE

Cyanobacteria may be tough as old as Old Boots as far as tolerating extreme environmental conditions but they are seriously susceptible to ag chemicals.

What most people don’t realise is that Roundup; the most used chemical in agriculture is a registered Antibiotic so it’s not surprising that Cyanobacteria won’t survive “standard” farming practices.

So next time you even think about using these chemicals just think about what you are doing on your own farm, have a think about the ongoing consequences of destroying the most productive part of your farm that you didn’t even know about.

So get educated and learn to how to utilise these little dynamos to increase the carbon and nitrogen content of the soil and at the same time bring nutrient abundance, in the right form into play and enjoy the work they do with very little cost.

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