July 18, 2018

Genetic Modification: Part 2; Cyanobacteria

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Ever heard of Cyanobacteria?

They just happen to be the most efficient producer of oxygen on the planet and greatest sequesters of Carbon.

More effective than the Brazilian rain forest and all the other forests on the planet put together.

They are best known as the oxygenators of the sea because that is where they proliferate.

The thing is it isn’t the only place they survive and thrive.

In the desert it gets a bit hot and the soils are devoid of Nitrogen, yet when it rains the flora bursts into life like you wouldn’t believe to become something spectacular more or less overnight.

So where does the nitrogen come from to support all this growth?


Described as not really a bacteria and not really a plant, they are photosynthesising maestros.

They consume vast quantities of carbon dioxide, soil nutrients and atmospheric nitrogen to complete their life cycle, creating a feast for the plants that have germinated after the drought breaking rain.

Pretty cool stuff really They have to be as tough as old boots to survive in the desert at temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius and thrive in the Southern Ice Shelf and return to productive capacity in the blink of an eye.

Just look how productive these guys are in the extremes of environment and temperature. In the Southern Ocean it is the Cyanobacteria that is the beginning of the food chain through krill and plankton right up to the Killer Whales.

And the coolest part about them is when they are fed correctly whatever grows from there is extremely healthy……..

To be continued

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