July 18, 2018

In today’s farming world we are in information overload!

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In today’s farming world we are in information overload!

And if you can consider the productivity that is required from the man on the land to “make ends meet” compared to when I left school, things have gotten a bit busier (mentally).

We converted Mum & Dads Sheep and Beef farm to Dairy back in 1982.

Within a couple of years we were milking 350 cows.

That was big in our district then.

We didn’t have information overload from computers, cell phones, drones etc so we only had what we could see in front of us to do.

When we wanted someone to do something, it was back to the house to make a phone call.

Efficiencies were gained making sure you were organised before you left for the day and you got on with the job.

Today we can’t go anywhere without the “smartphone”. Someone always wants something and, apparently it can’t wait so with that we have all got busier in the head!

These distractions have contributed to us losing focus on what we are farming for.

I’m probably more guilty of this than anyone else I know, as I thought that when armed with all this technology and knowledge I could take on the world!

That’s fine if you want to but farming is still about being focused and building the foundations.

And the foundations have to be built to a plan!

That Plan on the Farm ALWAYS starts with the Soil!

It is and always should be the starting point for your farming operation.

Because when you get that Right most of the hectic craziness goes away!

And then you can go and take on the World because you will have the time.

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