July 18, 2018

Is your time on the farm spent Farming or being “Farmed”?

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The original legal definition of the word Farm is Rent!

When you wake up every morning do you feel like you are actually working for yourself?

In most cases, as farmers you are required to set aside time to intimately learn and record your numbers but in most cases the numbers that take up your time are for someone else.

Accounts. GST and tax. Not me!

Nutrient budgets. Not me!

Spray Application licenses. Not me!

Nutrient management plans. Not me!

Resource consents. Not me!

Health and safety plans.Not me!

NAIT. Not me!

To me these are symptoms that someone else has control of parts of your business and that time is wasted because it is not invested in actual farming!

This cuts into the time you need to focus on the numbers that are the most important on the farm.

Do you have any idea which numbers you should look at first?

For some reason farmers have been led to believe that the soil is the domain of “scientists” and salesmen. What if the salesman controls the scientist?

This soil is the generator of the wealth that comes from your farm. These are the numbers that must be looked at first.

A lot of farmers know the projected amount and cost of dry matter from applications of Nitrogen. What they didn’t know is the damage to soil carbon levels caused by that application.

The equation is incomplete because we are only looking at the surface of the ground and not what drives the process below the surface.

To get educated on how minerals interact with biology and electricity you need to learn a completely new set of numbers. These include working out how much carbon and nitrogen you have in the Soil.

You will learn that when you use the right numbers to implement the right strategies the soil starts working as nature intended. Carbon increases which increases available water, Sulphur, Phosphate and Nitrogen without having to apply any and without leaching issues.

These are the numbers that turn into production, financial surplus and more time for you.

Now you can Farm without being Farmed.

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