July 18, 2018

You’re telling me I have to do What?

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You’re telling me I have to do What?

How many times have you had mail or read in the paper that there were new compliance regulations?

So Who’s going to pay?

Who’s going to pay for my time spent in achieving compliance?

And for what?

Have you really taken notice about the topics of regulation?

Did you notice that the thing they are trying to regulate has already been paid for?

So what’s gone wrong with what I purchased?

Must be something otherwise it wouldn’t need regulating?

Many years ago the Coromandel Meat Processors Vet/Meat Inspector from Agresearch, I think it was at the time came to the farm to check everything was in order and my compliance issues had been taken care of.

He asked for my animal remedies Book. I said I haven’t got one. Well he hit the roof and there wasn’t going to be any further meat processing till I got this sorted Out! It didn’t take long!

I asked the inspector if I needed an animal remedies book if I didn’t use any drenches, chemicals or vaccinations?

There was a stunned silence, followed by a resounding NO!

Problem solved then!

And guess what. Instead of him being a pain in the arse we had a good long chat about animal health and his experiences as a vet in Balclutha and some of the information they had discovered about Iodine and its effect on reproduction and animal health.

Now if you solve the problem of dependence on animal remedies then there is No compliance required!

We need to stop wasting our precious time to keep doing what we need to do.

Just look at what had been achieved by not using chemicals, animal remedies and vaccinations. Money saved. Time saved and no compliance Issues!

There are only positives from not using these products.
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