July 18, 2018

Should every aspect of farming be a competition?

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Not if production is the criteria that the competition is judged on.

You can’t help but notice that in the farming world everything is a competition!

Well that’s certainly the way it is reported in the media and I think we take it all too seriously!

The idea of a competition is to attempt to be the best you possibly can be at something.

What’s portrayed, in farming competitions, is that you’ll need to spend a whole lot of money on fancy products which will lift production and this will end up with you winning the competition.

Have you ever stopped, even for just a second and asked yourself who you are competing with and why?

And where does this race lead to?

For example it is now well known that palm kernel extract fed to dairy cows does enhance production but it shows up in their milk and is detrimental to the milk products and this has been noticed in the marketplace!

The palm kernel user has just lost that competition because the user may have produced more but quality has been degraded and the most important player in the game, the customer, has noticed!

A recent study on Northland dairy farms showed that a grass based farming system was more profitable than a palm kernel and cropping based system.

The price for a Kilogram of Milk Solids needs to exceed a certain level before these supplementary feeding systems pay. Evidence is showing that this may come around only every five years or so.

You have worked damn hard for the one in five year payout which doesn’t make up for the other four years.

In High Value markets there is no competition. There is only Supply and Demand.

The Higher the Quality Products the Higher the Demand! And with limited supply!

Have you worked it out Yet?

Yes the man/woman on the Land is actually in charge of their own destiny. You can join the competition or you can get educated to produce products that are in demand.

When enough people get educated and join to make a community then you have leverage.

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