July 18, 2018

Costs and issues facing today’s intensive dairying

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I was visiting a friend couple of months back to get a feel for the costs and issues facing today’s intensive dairying.

There were a couple of serious issues that came up;

With the present regulations it would cost them approximately $1.8 million to be compliant!

That’s the figure you would spend to continue farming the way you are RIGHT NOW!

The second comment was that a major Dairy Leader was saying that new “rules” could be imposed at any time which could make what you’ve already done non-compliant!

Farmers don’t realise that they still have Choices.

And those choices have more to do with the state of mind and ability to change. It’s not as if we can’t change. When I look back on when I was part of the Dairy Industry Urea Nitrogen was just starting to be used as part of normal farming procedure.

Changes have continued from there. Maize silage, palm kernel, feed pads for meal feeding, off farm grazing, etc. Stocking rates have been lifted to way beyond the old “rule” of a cow per acre – 2.5 cows per Ha.

Every change has been based on lifting production

Or has it been to cover dropping production Levels. Remember; your dairy company wants you to make milk; not money; despite the costs!

What this all comes down to is belief. Because we are bombarded with advertising and industry advisers all preaching the same message. “If we don’t follow the standard system we will go broke!”

And those same messengers are also telling us that we have to be environmentally compliant while using the standard system and the markets are not as good as they thought they would be. Maybe next year?

To actually get educated into how to spend less and become more profitable whilst producing a better product does not fit what we are bombarded with so our beliefs don’t let us even consider that we have choices.

What’s harder? Begging to the Bank Manager so that you can continue to farm and be compliant OR Get educated and then make Educated Choices!
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